Thursday, April 30, 2009


Kids say the fUnNiEsT is true! However, it's gets SO much cuter when one of them is related to you! (I just rhymed!)
Last night we had JD's side of the family over for our weekly
Monday night "24" watch party.
JD's sister, Amy, and her husband have 2 little kids...Andrew (20 months) and Kyrie (8 months). Andrew is starting to talk a lot now.
Don't get me wrong...this boy is SUPER smart...I am convinced that he is waayyy smarter than anyone realizes! But now he is just starting to talk where you can understand what he says. So last night we are all sitting around eating while the kids are playing, JD's parents were asking Andrew to mimic sounds.
Here's how it went:
Mimi: "Andrew, what sound does a cow make?"
Andrew: "Moooo"
Mimi: "Andrew, what sound does a duck make?"
Andrew: "Quack-quack.."
Then telling us that Andrew had learned a new sound
Mimi asked,"Andrew, what sound does Papa make when he goes to sleep?"
(Mimi had told us that he learned how to make a snoring sound)
Andrew said, "WOOOO-WOOOOO!"
See...I told you he was SmArTeR than we thought!

New blog....welcome! I am making this my NEW BLOG!
I previously had one that I am getting rid of because I want to!
SO I am going to post one of the blogs from my old blog and then begin anew (is that a word?)!
So enjoy......