Friday, October 16, 2009

Bella's Room

Just a quick post to show you the bedding I have picked out for Bella's room!
I absolutely LOVE it! And no I won't be doing the walls like that, but they will be pretty beautiful! The website that I am ordering from also sells the wall paint!

WOOHOO I don't have to match colors!
I had originally wanted to go with pink and green because I had gone with pink and brown in Jenna's room and I love pink! However, when I saw this I fell in love! And I saw so many cute sets with black in them too, but I already have the furniture and don't want to buy new or re-do mine. And it absolutely doesn't go with black. But this works perfectly! Absolutely LOVE it!

And her name shall be called.....

Yes, we have finally decided on a name for our little Princess.
Her name will be "Bella Reese Diaz."

I know that most of you know we were planning to go with the "J" thing. So here is the reason we decided to abandon it and go with something else.....

We were having a tough time coming up with a girl "J" name that we could both agree on, we quickly agreed on Jenna because we both loved the name. But we couldn't come up with anything else that we just loved. And we didn't want to name our little girl something we didn't love just to make it a "J" name. Also, if we were having such a hard time finding 1 girl name, how could we be sure to find another one if we have another girl in the future? So we thought it was best to just end it now. (hard time with this? Ref: Dugger family)

We have pondered many different names and I have always loved the middle name Reese. And the other night we were in the living room and JD suggested the name Bella Reese! Which we both loved!!! I researched it and it means "God's Promise" and is actually a Latin name. And I think that is pretty cool!

So we are so proud to have our little Princess' Jenna and Bella!

Bella is between 22 & 23 weeks right now, and here is a picture of her development. And NO! That is not a picture of me, it's a picture from

She moves a TON! I can sit down and watch my whole stomach move around. Which I don't remember being able to do so early on with Jenna. I really think I'm further along then what they are telling me but only time will tell!

Enjoy the pic!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Geez's a girl...not a frog...

So I know that most people would think that we would have rather had a boy. So let me take a moment to clear this up and introduce you to our family.....

It's kinda weird because when we announced that we were having a girl with Jenna we were met with total excitement and congratulations. However, now that we are having another girl we are being met with, "Oh, did you want a boy?" or "I bet JD wasn't happy" or "It will be okay, you'll have a boy too."

What's up with this? I mean it's a precious life, a wonderful little girl! And just in case you haven't noticed, we are really good at making super cute girls so this is actually a no-brainer for us. I mean, I am sure boys are wonderful, but honestly I am really good with girls (right now) and JD works a ton, so this is actually perfect for us right now. And I should also be so petty as to remind you that for Jenna we got all PINK stuff so we get to re-use everything and have very little to buy!!!

Here's the deal with JD.......
JD's original plan for us was to have 3 kids, 2 girls first (close together), and then 1 boy (a few years later). The reason for this is..... JD works about 50+ hours per week. All this is good because hey, it's for our business! But at the same time he doesn't have as much time as he would like to be active with the kids just yet. However, his plan is for me to have the girls at home for a few years and do the "girlie" thing! You know, bows, tea party's, dress-up, manicures, pedicures, jewelry, dolls, etc. And then in about 3 years or so have a boy. JD will be able to work less by then and do the whole outdoors sports thing, coach a baseball team, etc.

Now since our original plan, JD has also mentioned having several more kids...but that's beside the point...

The point is, we couldn't be more thrilled that we are having a girl! We are just so excited....and yes JD is too! Now, we did have a plan together for if it was a boy, and would have been very excited with a boy too. But I just wanted to assure everyone that there is not an ounce of disappointment with our new little Princess!

Now just watch out...because you know how cute our little Jenna just wait until we have 2 little girls!!! It will be a flood of cuteness walking around!!!

Pictures to follow soon....


Saturday, October 3, 2009

The results are in and.......

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we are having a GIRL!!!
Oh the amount of personality that will soon fill this home!

We went for our sonogram yesterday (Thurs, Oct 1st). And it was actually last minute, because otherwise we would have had to wait for another week (at least).

So bring it on....bows, pink, personality, giggles, fun, matching outfits, etc!

My sister and I are only 17 months apart and most of the time people thought we were twins. My Mom always dressed us in matching outfits and bows. I will definitely do that to my girls...they will love me for it one day!

The sono tech said that the baby is measuring a little big and is growing at 88%, so it's possible that she could come early. I will keep you posted!

And the next question I know everyone wants to know is what we will name her, but we haven't decided on a name yet, and I have no idea when we will! That might be one of those things we decide on when we have her...we'll see! Several of the names that I love are already taken (sad face) by different babies around the same age, so that stinks. But we'll come up with something, and I'll let you know when we do!

Goodnight, sleep tight!