Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jett Tynacin Diaz

Welcome to the world, Jett Tynacin Diaz!

On April 4, 2013 we welcomed our perfectly handsome little guy, Jett Tynacin Diaz!

Last year (2012) we prayed for a little boy and in July I became pregnant with our little blessing. My pregnancy was blessed with no complications. The only challenges were the norm, fatigue and nausea followed by vomiting almost every day. But it's hard to complain when the result is such a beautiful little life! We are blessed!

In March, my OBGYN and I discussed Jett's size and due date and we decided that even though I wasn't due until April 9th, that if I was still pregnant by the 3rd we would induce that night. Well on Wednesday, April 3rd at 11am I went into labor on my own! I could tell exactly when it happened and the contractions started immediately. But not planning to go into the hospital until that night at 8pm I had several things still on my to-do list! So I packed up the girls and headed to town. We went and got the oil changed on the van and then to Wal-Mart to get a few last minute things. By the time we got home my contractions were about 7 minutes apart. I put the girls down for naps and loaded the van. Finished painting my nails and getting ready and waited on my Husband to get home.

I started having back labor in my lower back and the contrations were getting even closer. Once JD got home we loaded up and headed to Burleson. We met Papa, Gigi, Amy and the kids at McDonalds for a quick dinner before dropping our girls off at my sister's house and heading to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital my contractions were pretty consistent and the furthest apart were 7 minutes.

We got settled into our room and I put on my slippers I was so excited to wear!

I am so thankful for the staff at Huguley Hospital. My nurse (Farrah Barnes) was amazing and made such a huge difference in my delivery!

They put me on pitocin about 2-3 hours in to ramp up my labor and boy did it! Shortly after they put it in I got my epidural. I was also able to get the anesthesiologist I wanted, who is the best! The epidural took well and helped curb the intense back pain from back labor. Once my epidural took affect I dozed off for a 1.5 hour nap, praise the Lord!

Around 3am my water broke, as soon as it broke , my nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 4. 20 minutes later she checked me and I was at a 10! At that point we were calling Bethany and Jessica Rockwell (my photographer) and Dr. Duran was called. We hung out until probaby 3:45 or so when everyone got there before we started pushing. A few pushes with wonderful guidance from Farrah and Dr. Duran and Jett was born! Entering the world at 3:59am, weighing in at 8lbs. 1oz. and 18.5 inches long. He had a full head of brown hair and blue eyes! Such a handsome little guy!

We are so blessed with his life. We have always loved the name "Jett" which in Hebrew means, "excellence, abundance and riches." And Tynacin, pronounced "ten-uh-sin" is a combination of the letters from JD's Mom and my Moms names.

We left the hospital Friday morning, April 5th and brought our family of 5 home!

God is so good and so faithful! This whole pregnancy has been a testament of His goodness. He has provided more than enough and has met even our smallest desires. Our God is awesome!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Daisy Bell

In September 2011, Jenna started taking a ballet/tap/tumbling class at a great ballet studio here in town. At first she really enjoyed it, she liked going and I loved watching her grow and build relationships with other sweet little girls her age. She was great at picking up the moves and every week watching her through the window was a joy! As time went on she started not being so fond of it, by the time this spring hit she was done. She didn't want to go, would cry when I'd take her to class and I started re-thinking her weekly class.

But growing up I remember being able to quit sports if I wanted to and I am determined to make my kids finish what they start so they know what achieving success in any endeavor feels like. At this point we had already paid for her recital costume and she had put in months of practice to be ready for a recital just 2 months away. I came really close to letting her quit, but couldn't bear the thought of it....

Recital practices came...

In March, Ms. Donna (Jenna's teacher) arranged for Jenna's class to go perform at her church for a senior citizen group after a Wednesday practice. She said it would help to get out the recital jitters and boy was she right! Jenna cried though the whole show!! (I'll post a video soon) I felt horrible, really for the other kids because she was so distracting. I also didn't want to be that Mom forcing my 3 yr old to do something she hated either. But I could tell that her cry wasn't because she was scared of the people, no, it was totally to get Mom to rescue her.

It took some intense conversation (bribing), but I convinced Jenna that finishing her next 5 practices and doing her recital without crying would absolutely be in her best interest!

And I am such a PROUD Momma of a super sweet tap dancer who did amazing in her recital!

I couldn't be more proud!

JD took Jenna out shopping the day before her recital and got her the toy of her choice... The deal was that when she completed her rehearsal and show without crying that she would get to open her special toy and get ice cream!! Good deal, huh?

She was the cutest little tap dancer and totally aced her recital...

She's the cute one on the right with the big white bow!

The next day was recital. It was held at the Performing Arts auditorium at Red Oak High School. It was HUGE! And I had no idea how packed the place would be, people everywhere!

Jenna danced to a song called "Daisy Bell," absolutely precious!!!

Here are a few remaining pictures...

I will post the video of her dance when we get it in...

I am so glad Jenna did this. She was so excited that she did such a good job and wants to do it again next year! I love what a sense of accomplishment and success will do for a child, even a 3 year old!

Project Simplify

One of my biggest and most time consuming goals I put in place for 2012 was what I call, "Project Simplify." Basically, it's just removing the clutter and the hindrances clutter creates. Over the almost 7 years we've been married, we have accumulated stuff from just being together, from our kids and all the stuff/toys they have, from my Mom when she passed, from JD's Mom and from my Grandmothers/Grandfather's that have all passed as well.

Growing up my Mom never allowed us to have clutter, she was a stickler in cleanliness and order. My sister picked this up well and has never kept clutter and has absolutely NO clutter in her house. However, I completely take after my Dad in so many areas, I tend to keep things I think I'll use but in reality never do. So this project for me is a very large task! We started with a garage storage unit we've had at the apartment complex we lived at when we first got married for the last 6 years. It was full... packed with stuff! We rented a u-haul and filled it with stuff that was to sell or the few items we needed and the rest got thrown away!

We had a very successful 3-day garage sale getting rid of all of our big items and almost all of the small ones too. The rest will be donated on Tuesday.

Next up was to organize the girls rooms. We will soon be moving the girls into one room, so this came at a great time! I organized 5 boxes of toys, each day the girls will use a different box of their toys. It will create an excitement and they will actually play with all the toys they have! The only toys I didn't box up was their dress up box, play kitchen accessories, books and doll strollers with a few dolls.

I am very excited about getting my room and laundry room done this week, and to finish out the garage.

Then the real challenge... maintaining a clutter free existence! I can do it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on the inside.......

I have been MEANING to blog, but since I am NOT caught up on our Diaz Family "current events" it has prevented me from wanting to blog at all. BUT today is the exception....
I know you've heard that saying about how you truly know what's on the inside by what comes out of someone during hard times.You know, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..."

Well, today was MY test...  My chance to see what was on the INSIDE of me.

I rarely have hard days. Not that everyday is easy-breezy, but rarely does anything come close to successfully stealing my JOY!  My days are spent doing a variety of things in a semi-routine like manner. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course snacks with my 2 little ones -  to changing my 1 yr olds diapers, a 2 yr old in panties (whoop-whoop), a business to do endless reports for, a house with never ending laundry and dishes. Oh and did I mention my 1 yr old has been walking since she was 10 months and has no interest in staying in one spot for more than 1 minute? Well, now you know...
That sounds rather simple until I mention the fact that my daily goal is to have a spotless house, a hot meal, and look semi beautiful for my amazingly wonderful Husband when he comes in from his long work day. On top of my efforts to teach my girls Bible stories and basic educational things throughout the day.
Needless to say....I LOVE being a MOM!!! We spend most of our day doing our tasks to Praise and Worship music which seems to make things even better.
But today, things were just not fLoWiNg.....

We had to run some errands today, one of which was we had to take Jenna to school to get her Spring pictures done! But once we got home Jenna and Bella went right outside to play on their little ride on toys (Jenna also has a new tricycle).  While they were outside (with JD), I was inside trying to locate some paperwork for my Husband so he could head off to work when I hear the loudest SCREAM/CRY coming from outside and JD saying, "Jessica! Come here quick!"  My stomach dropped as I dashed (and tripped) out of the office headed for the garage. JD runs around the corner with Bella who's face is COVERED in BLOOD!!

What happened? Bella was going the wrong way on the sidewalk and Jenna ran over there to "HELP" her little sister, turned her little ride-on toy around which threw Bella off and into a face plant on the concrete. Her nose was bleeding, she busted her lip and sliced her upped gum just above her teeth (sad face).

Of course, when I ran and grabbed her I didn't have time to hear all this. I was upset. And I let JD know (eeekkk! Yes, it wasn't pretty).  Did it help Bella or the whole situation that I was so upset? NO!  I cleaned her up very quickly over the sink then went straight to the rocker and started praying over her and calming her. Within 5 minutes she was back on the ground running around and playing. 

But it got me thinking....  Yes, I spoke the name of Jesus over the situation when I first saw her. Yes, I prayed with her. BUT, why the needless hype? Why when I got into a situation where my little child was in pain did I get so upset at my Husband (because I was sure he wasn't paying attention) vs. both of us TOGETHER agreeing for her healing? Wouldn't it have been more beneficial for us to come together quickly, work together to clean her up, calm her, while coming into agreement for her healing and quick recovery? YES! 

So that is my challenge. Our children are 1 & 2, they like to play and have fun. Of course JD was watching them, it was just an accident!  Have you ever been in a similar situation where you shot your mouth off and got upset at your Husband for something like that? Or for any situation, does it ever help to just get upset? Or is it better to take 10 seconds to calm down, then join in agreement with your spouse and get quicker results!  Let's avoid the ridiculous argument...
My new goal is to stop. It's not a normal thing, but I want it to stop where it started! I want my girls to see that if their parents come up against something that needs dealt with that we do it quickly and smoothly with no "smart lip"(I'm from Cleburne) from Mom.
Thankfully, we are both quick to ask for forgiveness and quick to forgive!

Anywho, that's my 2 cents worth.
Have a fabulous day!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's the smelly things....

As of the 3rd week of February, Jenna is now officially potty trained! Well, sorta. She is still in a diaper at night and naptime. And although she would be fine without it, I don't want to clean up wet sheets in the middle of the night so she still wears it. But I am SO proud of her! She really does a FANTASTIC job!

Right before she turned 2, I had her pretty much potty trained, but because she wouldn't go in a big potty I put her back in a diaper for what I thought would be a week before we would start again. Much to my dismay, she totally lost interest after that and it has taken us this long to start again. Although, I think she's still ahead of the curve because I think most kids start closer to 3. I am just SO proud!!!

She does have a challenge that is taking some WORK to get through...  As of the current stage in her life - Jenna HATES "flushie potty's!"  Every time I take her into the restroom to go she starts screaming and shaking saying that the potty is going to get her. So this is something that we are working through on a week to week basis. I don't want to freak her out and her not want to potty on the toilet any more. But I don't want to be giving in to this if is just her way to get extra attention. I really do think that she genuinely is terrified of the toilet. So now, I have her repeat this little phrase after me, "No fear here! I can go potty wherever I want!" She gets excited and I believe it is building confidence in her. In no time she will be an official big girl on the "flushie potty!" But until then we will keep working on it!
I would post a pic of her first #2 potty experience but I figure you get the picture. And yes, before you ask... I DID take a picture and text it to my Husband. I was SO happy! It's the little and sometimes smelly things in life....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bella's a walking girl!!!

That's right!!! Bella is OFFICIALLY a walking girl!!!
She started walking around 10.5 months, but would do both WALKING and CRAWLING for a while. Mostly walking, but would crawl a few times. On January 25th she completely did away with any type of crawling whatsoever! It's pretty much the cutest thing EVER! And I am a very proud Momma!

Here is a video I took of her walking on January 15th...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Grandad, Richard Paul Walters

When I was young, my grandmother married the most wonderful man. I was so young I barely remember the wedding. So for me, this is the only Grandad I have ever known. His name, Richard Paul Walters. But he went by Paul. For me? Grandad! I have the most fond memories of my Grandad.  Growing up we spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house, we cleaned for them, always set up their Christmas decorations, and spent endless amounts time picking pecans from their backyard with Grandad while Mom and Granny would be in the kitchen or flower bed. My Mom had a special bond with Grandad, she always introduced him as her Dad wherever we went.  And often told us that he was more of a Father to her than her biological Father (who I never knew).  We spent lots of time spending the night with Granny and Grandad and my Granny would always make us peanut butter and crackers with sliced apples. It was something we could always count on, such wonderful memories.  But other than that there was no junk food in her house. Except for what my Grandad had stashed away! He had a refrigerator in the garage that he kept stocked with Dr. Pepper and candy! He would also always let us drive his golf cart to the marina for a soda of our choice and some skittles. I always wanted to get a different type of candy, but never wanted to disappoint him so I stuck with skittles.
On several occasions, when we would spend the night, Grandad and Granny would take us to the Granbury square for Ice Cream at "Rinky Tinks!" At that time if you played a song on the piano you would get a scoop of ice cream for free! I remember one trip we took to the square so vividly, Grandad took us to a little shop and told us to pick out whatever we wanted. Bethany and I got matching hairbrushes, we were so excited!! I treasured that hair brush for years, and was quite heart broken when it broke.  They didn't buy us many material items, but the time we spent with them was priceless.  And Grandad always went out of his way to make sure we were having a good time.  We even have a great story of him trying to teach Bethany and me how to golf, I still have the old golf clubs he gave me in my garage. He would say, "The idea is to HIT the ball!" Haha, still makes me laugh! We would swing and swing and rarely actually hit the ball!
My stories could go on and on.....

One thing I didn't understand for a long time was that Grandad wasn't my biological Grandad. I didn't get what that meant, and probably because it never showed. He never treated us like step-grandchildren. He loved us so much and showed that to us every time we were with him. This especially showed around the time I was 13. Around this time, my Dad's family (I use that term loosely) basically disowned us. Through the deceitful ways of my Dad's Mother and brother (both terms also used loosely) he was cheated out of his share of his Father's company that he helped build. Within a very short amount of time we had to move, build a house, my Dad had to start his own business, and we did this all while my Mom was homeschooling us.
It was a very rough time. His brother did several back-handed things that his Dad detested but never had the guts to put his wife (my Grandma) in her place. My Papa was given the ultimatum of his marriage or his son (my Dad). Tough choice! But obviously he chose his wife, shortly after he got brain tumors and died (All this for another blog).

During this time, my Dad had to remain strong. Which was tough considering being completely abandoned by his "family."  I will say, my Dad is not perfect, but understnading his crazy family would explain some things (again, another blog).  Anyways, one of the people that helped my Dad and our family through this tough time was my Grandad. He jumped right in as a "Dad" for my Dad. They worked side by side building our house and clearing our land, day after day. They formed a strong father-son type bond. This was even more special because they didn't agree on a lot of things Spiritually and yet they were able to have a relationship through that! If you know my Dad, you know that that is a big feat.  This relationship touched my Dad's life so deeply. Oh, I am so thankful!

Some of my favorite memories as a child growing up are times spent with my Grandad. He is really the only true Grandfather I ever had.  And somehow, he always knew just how to be perfect!

I will forever be grateful for my amazing Grandad, not just for everything he has done for our family. But for the amazing man he was! He knew how to look beyond peoples flaws to see the greatness within and chose love when others would look the other way. He was wealthy and could have just lived an easy life, but he chose to help us in our time of need even when it meant tons of sweat and hard work. He selflessly took care of my Granny when she was going through severe physical challenges. He never complained, but instead was grateful for the people in his life. He loved deeply and found simple and sweet ways to show the ones around him how he cared. He was a magnificient display of the love of God.

In 2004, when my Mother passed away. I really just disconnected from everyone and everything.  I didn't see any of her family, mostly because I was so numb. Honestly, I don't remember much from that year (again, another blog).  But one thing I regret was not spending more time with my Grandad during that time.  Since my Mom passed away I just don't get close to many people. I didn't spend near as much time with my Grandad. And all of this during his most physically difficult years. I guess getting close to family was a fearful thing for me because I knew what it was like to lose someone you deeply loved and it was easier to disconnect than deal with the loss (I still don't know how to do that).  None of this excusing my absence during his time of need.  The last time I saw my grandad was on Friday, December 10, 2010. JD, me and the girls took a day trip to Houston (where he moved during his last few years), where we were able to spend several hours with him. He wasn't able to talk to me. But he knew I was there and was very alert. I talked to him, sang to him, prayed with him, cried with him, held his hands and let him spend time with the girls. He was holding my hands tight and trying to talk to me. I would just stay close and give him a kiss on his cheek. It was so special! I will forever remember that time and treasure it. One week later, on December 17th, he went to be the the Lord.  I know we miss him, but I know how much happier he is hanging out with my Mom and Granny!! He is getting the grand tour by 2 of the most beautiful ladies in Heaven, what a treat!

I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing him into our lives, for blessing me with the opportunity to experience true love from a Grandparent! He was priceless and such a blessing!

Here is a picture of his funeral program, he was a very handsome man!

After his funeral, the family went to eat at Spring Creek Bar-B-Q and I thought I would include a picture of the "girl" cousins.


p.s. I do have other pictures of my Grandad, but I can't scan them right now...