Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sugar Free Challenge

Anyone who knows me, knows that my 2 staples in life are sweet tea and chocolate. Well, and french fries - I can't let them go just yet. But I have recently been in search of a change...

I was a gymnast/acrobat as a child and teen, and have always loved being active, and working out here and there, but after 3 children, I decided consistency had to be part of my daily routine or I would never be healthy enough to keep up with my kids. I have been working out 4-5 days a week since 2014 and while I am getting stronger and seeing some minor changes, I know (as I roll my eyes) that if I am going to see the changes I want, I have to change what I am eating. I don't usually eat a bunch of junk, but I do eat a lot of sugar. My biggest changes I see are when I am on my It Works Thermofit and Fat Fighters, I have been off for a few months while I try to figure out what my body will respond to or not. I have to say, I am overall more swollen, bloated and feel gross. So I will add them on again in a week or two.

My first step will be going sugarless. Well, refined sugarless. I will allow myself 1 (maybe 2) pieces of fruit a day. I can't live without fruit, so I'll go organic and limit myself.

But goodbye Sweet Tea, Creamer with a hint of coffee, chocolate chip everything, and endless amounts of sweet and sour sauce covering my chicken! Oh man, I almost just shed a tear.... No. I can do this!

I'll be coming off a fast on Sunday, so my meal prep will be Sunday evening and all of this sugar free living will begin on Monday...

I will be sharing my meal plans, recipes, tips, etc. So be on the lookout!

Many Blessings,
Jess D. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

The start of the gym life...

For at least 2 years now the girls have wanted to start gymnastics. For various reasons we just never did, they were either doing ballet, soccer or we were just enjoying not being over committed with the kids schedules. I go back and forth with committing to sports at such a young age. But I really love the strength and flexibility that I developed as a kid growing up doing gymnastics. So when my old coach, Doug, posted on facebook that he would be coming out of retirement to teach his son (who I used to babysit, way to feel old) to be a coach, I commented and committed before I even thought about it! But I couldn't get over the excitement for my girls and I am so glad that they are pushing themselves and their limits as well.

                                         Here they are with Doug on their first day

It's fun to watch the girls grow and develop and although they are only 2 months in, I've seen their coordination and strength already make huge improvements. They were sore (as in needing a massage from Mom) the first month after classes. Now we are finally to the point where they are getting used to it. And Jett? Jett is having a blast. He gets to jump, play in the pit, and roam the gym free for the hour they are in class and for him it's a complete playground. He is also doing so much better with his jumping skills and control and I have no doubt he'll be flipping at some point too! 

Jett building a foam block tower

a few more pictures of the girls 

Jenna and Bella doing backhandsprings

Some trampoline fun!

                         I'll post some progress pics/videos as we get through the weeks...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bella turns 6!

On Friday, February 12th, my sweet Bella Reese turned 6 years old! With every birthday that goes by I always think about how women tell me to cherish the years because they fly by. And well, I know that is right. So even though I live in a house that looks like my children were trying to replicate a tornado, stepping on toys, washing endless loads of laundry (one load just beeped at me, sigh) I know that I will miss all of this when my kids are bigger and I must enjoy it all now!

For Bella's birthday we gave her the option of getting an American Girl doll OR having a big party. She chose the AG doll and we did end up meeting family and a sweet friend at Peter Piper Pizza afterward to celebrate together.

First off, we left our house before lunch and picked up my niece Natalie. Bethany (my sister) was working and going to meet us for lunch. Of course, Bella picked Olive Garden, which is her favorite for many reasons, but on her birthday? Because they sing to you and bring you dessert. Bella thrives on the extra birthday attention so she was all smiles!

Bella - Natalie - Jenna

All smiles while everyone sings to her

Then it was off to the races!! Or the American Doll Store...whatever.

Just stepping inside was full of excitement!

Bella is the fastest shopper EVER! I think it took her 3 minutes to find Kit.

Bella knew before she went what doll she wanted, in fact, she knew 6 months ago which doll she wanted, Kit Kitridge. We have the movie, and although they don't ever want to watch it (weird?) she loves the doll! So it didn't take any time at all for her to pick her out, a few outfits and we were all done! That's the thing about my Bella, once she makes her mind up, its settled and she doesn't care to entertain other options. :)

Aunt Bethany and Natalie came along and bought Bella an outfit to go with her doll. :)

Then we were off to celebrate upstairs!

These dolls and their dolls

SO happy to be a part of the AG club

Me and my sweet sister

Bella was thrilled to find that she could have ANOTHER candle
 and people sing to her again! What a great day...

After leaving the AG store, my sister took the girls to get house so they could play with their dolls while I went to pick up an ice cream cake and a few things at the store. Then we went to Peter Piper Pizza where we met a few cousins and Bellas bestie, Ash! This was the perfect way to top off a fabulous day of celebrating!

Happy 6th Birthday to my Sweet Bella Reese!!

Many Blessings,
Jess D. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jett Tynacin Diaz

Welcome to the world, Jett Tynacin Diaz!

On April 4, 2013 we welcomed our perfectly handsome little guy, Jett Tynacin Diaz!

Last year (2012) we prayed for a little boy and in July I became pregnant with our little blessing. My pregnancy was blessed with no complications. The only challenges were the norm, fatigue and nausea followed by vomiting almost every day. But it's hard to complain when the result is such a beautiful little life! We are blessed!

In March, my OBGYN and I discussed Jett's size and due date and we decided that even though I wasn't due until April 9th, that if I was still pregnant by the 3rd we would induce that night. Well on Wednesday, April 3rd at 11am I went into labor on my own! I could tell exactly when it happened and the contractions started immediately. But not planning to go into the hospital until that night at 8pm I had several things still on my to-do list! So I packed up the girls and headed to town. We went and got the oil changed on the van and then to Wal-Mart to get a few last minute things. By the time we got home my contractions were about 7 minutes apart. I put the girls down for naps and loaded the van. Finished painting my nails and getting ready and waited on my Husband to get home. I have always been sort of oblivious to pain, so until back labor starts - all other pregnancy pains are a breeze! Back labor on the other hand.......

I started having back labor in my lower back and the contrations were getting even closer. Once JD got home we loaded up and headed to Burleson. We met Papa, Gigi, Amy and the kids at McDonalds for a quick dinner before dropping our girls off at my sister's house and heading to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital my contractions were pretty consistent and the furthest apart were 7 minutes.

We got settled into our room and I put on my slippers I was so excited to wear! I had picked them out a few weeks in advance and wouldn't let myself wear them until I was in the hospital

I am so thankful for the staff at Huguley Hospital. My nurse (Farrah Barnes) was amazing and made such a huge difference in my delivery!

They put me on pitocin about 2-3 hours in to ramp up my labor and boy did it! That was my first time on Pitocin, and it was intense, but honestly - I can't talk enough about how back labor changes the game for me, someone could punch me in the face while having a contraction and I don't think it would phase me compared to the pain of a contraction that grips your back. HOLY. COW.  Shortly after they started pitocin I got my epidural. I was also able to get the anesthesiologist I wanted, who is the best! The epidural took well and helped curb the intense back pain - eh, kinda. Once my epidural took affect I dozed off for a 1.5 hour nap, praise the Lord!

Around 3am my water broke and I was then wide awake because I knew things were happening , my nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 4. 20 minutes later she checked me and I was at a 10! At that point we were calling Bethany and Jessica Rockwell (my photographer) and Dr. Duran was called. We hung out until probaby 3:45 or so when everyone got there before we started pushing. A few pushes with wonderful guidance from Farrah and Dr. Duran and Jett was born! Entering the world at 3:59am, weighing in at 8lbs. 1oz. and 18.5 inches long. He had a full head of brown hair and blue eyes! Such a handsome little guy!

We are so blessed with his life. We have always loved the name "Jett" which in Hebrew means, "excellence, abundance and riches." And Tynacin, pronounced "ten-uh-sin" is a combination of the letters from JD's Mom and my Moms names.

We left the hospital Friday morning, April 5th and brought our family of 5 home!

God is so good and so faithful! This whole pregnancy has been a testament of His goodness. He has provided more than enough and has met even our smallest desires. Our God is awesome!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Daisy Bell

In September 2011, Jenna started taking a ballet/tap/tumbling class at a great ballet studio here in town. At first she really enjoyed it, she liked going and I loved watching her grow and build relationships with other sweet little girls her age. She was great at picking up the moves and every week watching her through the window was a joy! As time went on she started not being so fond of it, by the time this spring hit she was done. She didn't want to go, would cry when I'd take her to class and I started re-thinking her weekly class.

But growing up I remember being able to quit sports if I wanted to and I am determined to make my kids finish what they start so they know what achieving success in any endeavor feels like. At this point we had already paid for her recital costume and she had put in months of practice to be ready for a recital just 2 months away. I came really close to letting her quit, but couldn't bear the thought of it....

Recital practices came...

In March, Ms. Donna (Jenna's teacher) arranged for Jenna's class to go perform at her church for a senior citizen group after a Wednesday practice. She said it would help to get out the recital jitters and boy was she right! Jenna cried though the whole show!! (I'll post a video soon) I felt horrible, really for the other kids because she was so distracting. I also didn't want to be that Mom forcing my 3 yr old to do something she hated either. But I could tell that her cry wasn't because she was scared of the people, no, it was totally to get Mom to rescue her.

It took some intense conversation (bribing), but I convinced Jenna that finishing her next 5 practices and doing her recital without crying would absolutely be in her best interest!

And I am such a PROUD Momma of a super sweet tap dancer who did amazing in her recital!

I couldn't be more proud!

JD took Jenna out shopping the day before her recital and got her the toy of her choice... The deal was that when she completed her rehearsal and show without crying that she would get to open her special toy and get ice cream!! Good deal, huh?

She was the cutest little tap dancer and totally aced her recital...

She's the cute one on the right with the big white bow!

The next day was recital. It was held at the Performing Arts auditorium at Red Oak High School. It was HUGE! And I had no idea how packed the place would be, people everywhere!

Jenna danced to a song called "Daisy Bell," absolutely precious!!!

Here are a few remaining pictures...

I will post the video of her dance when we get it in...

I am so glad Jenna did this. She was so excited that she did such a good job and wants to do it again next year! I love what a sense of accomplishment and success will do for a child, even a 3 year old!

Project Simplify

One of my biggest and most time consuming goals I put in place for 2012 was what I call, "Project Simplify." Basically, it's just removing the clutter and the hindrances clutter creates. Over the almost 7 years we've been married, we have accumulated stuff from just being together, from our kids and all the stuff/toys they have, from my Mom when she passed, from JD's Mom and from my Grandmothers/Grandfather's that have all passed as well.

Growing up my Mom never allowed us to have clutter, she was a stickler in cleanliness and order. My sister picked this up well and has never kept clutter and has absolutely NO clutter in her house. However, I completely take after my Dad in so many areas, I tend to keep things I think I'll use but in reality never do. So this project for me is a very large task! We started with a garage storage unit we've had at the apartment complex we lived at when we first got married for the last 6 years. It was full... packed with stuff! We rented a u-haul and filled it with stuff that was to sell or the few items we needed and the rest got thrown away!

We had a very successful 3-day garage sale getting rid of all of our big items and almost all of the small ones too. The rest will be donated on Tuesday.

Next up was to organize the girls rooms. We will soon be moving the girls into one room, so this came at a great time! I organized 5 boxes of toys, each day the girls will use a different box of their toys. It will create an excitement and they will actually play with all the toys they have! The only toys I didn't box up was their dress up box, play kitchen accessories, books and doll strollers with a few dolls.

I am very excited about getting my room and laundry room done this week, and to finish out the garage.

Then the real challenge... maintaining a clutter free existence! I can do it!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Las Vegas Trip

Wow! Time is flying! April 2011 will be over in 25 hours and we will be jumping into May with so much to do I feel like I need go 24/7 just to not start off behind.  Everything in the Diaz household is going at a fast pace as usual.

JD is staying SUPER busy with work! He puts in at least 50 hours, but even during the very limited time he has off he is getting calls and emails which always keep him on his toes. It has become a way of life for us.  We often joke that unless the stores are closed for a holiday he is never truly off!
We just took a 3 day business trip to Las Vegas which was really nice! It was with United and it was different then the one we went on in October. This one was primarily for a reward banquet. We did have 1 evening off and we went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystere. It plays at Treasure Island. Would I recommend it? ehhh... acrobatically it was superb!But we weren't able to watch the whole show because of the costumes (or lack of) so in parts we kept our heads down and eyes closed. But honestly, I suppose that for Las Vegas it was pretty mild. And we really did have a great time!

This trip we stayed at the MGM Grand. Last time we stayed at the Paris across from the Bellagio and loved it. I have to say that the whole MGM experience was just so much fun. JD spent most of his time in meetings so I enjoyed the shoe shop, spa and walking around the hotel exploring. I love how going to Las Vegas transports you from a normal world to something completely eccentric and a little overwhelming. There are so many ways to waste money so I get a little anxious there. I don't like to waste money, and if I spend money I want to make sure I am getting more than the value I spent, so I usually shop sales, etc. And I don't like to gamble, so Las Vegas is really out of my element, but there are some times you just have to loosen the strings and have a little fun. And we did!

 I was hoping to have some photos to share, but realized that I didn't actually take any! I can't believe that.... :(