Friday, February 19, 2016

The start of the gym life...

For at least 2 years now the girls have wanted to start gymnastics. For various reasons we just never did, they were either doing ballet, soccer or we were just enjoying not being over committed with the kids schedules. I go back and forth with committing to sports at such a young age. But I really love the strength and flexibility that I developed as a kid growing up doing gymnastics. So when my old coach, Doug, posted on facebook that he would be coming out of retirement to teach his son (who I used to babysit, way to feel old) to be a coach, I commented and committed before I even thought about it! But I couldn't get over the excitement for my girls and I am so glad that they are pushing themselves and their limits as well.

                                         Here they are with Doug on their first day

It's fun to watch the girls grow and develop and although they are only 2 months in, I've seen their coordination and strength already make huge improvements. They were sore (as in needing a massage from Mom) the first month after classes. Now we are finally to the point where they are getting used to it. And Jett? Jett is having a blast. He gets to jump, play in the pit, and roam the gym free for the hour they are in class and for him it's a complete playground. He is also doing so much better with his jumping skills and control and I have no doubt he'll be flipping at some point too! 

Jett building a foam block tower

a few more pictures of the girls 

Jenna and Bella doing backhandsprings

Some trampoline fun!

                         I'll post some progress pics/videos as we get through the weeks...

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