Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on the inside.......

I have been MEANING to blog, but since I am NOT caught up on our Diaz Family "current events" it has prevented me from wanting to blog at all. BUT today is the exception....
I know you've heard that saying about how you truly know what's on the inside by what comes out of someone during hard times.You know, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..."

Well, today was MY test...  My chance to see what was on the INSIDE of me.

I rarely have hard days. Not that everyday is easy-breezy, but rarely does anything come close to successfully stealing my JOY!  My days are spent doing a variety of things in a semi-routine like manner. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course snacks with my 2 little ones -  to changing my 1 yr olds diapers, a 2 yr old in panties (whoop-whoop), a business to do endless reports for, a house with never ending laundry and dishes. Oh and did I mention my 1 yr old has been walking since she was 10 months and has no interest in staying in one spot for more than 1 minute? Well, now you know...
That sounds rather simple until I mention the fact that my daily goal is to have a spotless house, a hot meal, and look semi beautiful for my amazingly wonderful Husband when he comes in from his long work day. On top of my efforts to teach my girls Bible stories and basic educational things throughout the day.
Needless to say....I LOVE being a MOM!!! We spend most of our day doing our tasks to Praise and Worship music which seems to make things even better.
But today, things were just not fLoWiNg.....

We had to run some errands today, one of which was we had to take Jenna to school to get her Spring pictures done! But once we got home Jenna and Bella went right outside to play on their little ride on toys (Jenna also has a new tricycle).  While they were outside (with JD), I was inside trying to locate some paperwork for my Husband so he could head off to work when I hear the loudest SCREAM/CRY coming from outside and JD saying, "Jessica! Come here quick!"  My stomach dropped as I dashed (and tripped) out of the office headed for the garage. JD runs around the corner with Bella who's face is COVERED in BLOOD!!

What happened? Bella was going the wrong way on the sidewalk and Jenna ran over there to "HELP" her little sister, turned her little ride-on toy around which threw Bella off and into a face plant on the concrete. Her nose was bleeding, she busted her lip and sliced her upped gum just above her teeth (sad face).

Of course, when I ran and grabbed her I didn't have time to hear all this. I was upset. And I let JD know (eeekkk! Yes, it wasn't pretty).  Did it help Bella or the whole situation that I was so upset? NO!  I cleaned her up very quickly over the sink then went straight to the rocker and started praying over her and calming her. Within 5 minutes she was back on the ground running around and playing. 

But it got me thinking....  Yes, I spoke the name of Jesus over the situation when I first saw her. Yes, I prayed with her. BUT, why the needless hype? Why when I got into a situation where my little child was in pain did I get so upset at my Husband (because I was sure he wasn't paying attention) vs. both of us TOGETHER agreeing for her healing? Wouldn't it have been more beneficial for us to come together quickly, work together to clean her up, calm her, while coming into agreement for her healing and quick recovery? YES! 

So that is my challenge. Our children are 1 & 2, they like to play and have fun. Of course JD was watching them, it was just an accident!  Have you ever been in a similar situation where you shot your mouth off and got upset at your Husband for something like that? Or for any situation, does it ever help to just get upset? Or is it better to take 10 seconds to calm down, then join in agreement with your spouse and get quicker results!  Let's avoid the ridiculous argument...
My new goal is to stop. It's not a normal thing, but I want it to stop where it started! I want my girls to see that if their parents come up against something that needs dealt with that we do it quickly and smoothly with no "smart lip"(I'm from Cleburne) from Mom.
Thankfully, we are both quick to ask for forgiveness and quick to forgive!

Anywho, that's my 2 cents worth.
Have a fabulous day!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's the smelly things....

As of the 3rd week of February, Jenna is now officially potty trained! Well, sorta. She is still in a diaper at night and naptime. And although she would be fine without it, I don't want to clean up wet sheets in the middle of the night so she still wears it. But I am SO proud of her! She really does a FANTASTIC job!

Right before she turned 2, I had her pretty much potty trained, but because she wouldn't go in a big potty I put her back in a diaper for what I thought would be a week before we would start again. Much to my dismay, she totally lost interest after that and it has taken us this long to start again. Although, I think she's still ahead of the curve because I think most kids start closer to 3. I am just SO proud!!!

She does have a challenge that is taking some WORK to get through...  As of the current stage in her life - Jenna HATES "flushie potty's!"  Every time I take her into the restroom to go she starts screaming and shaking saying that the potty is going to get her. So this is something that we are working through on a week to week basis. I don't want to freak her out and her not want to potty on the toilet any more. But I don't want to be giving in to this if is just her way to get extra attention. I really do think that she genuinely is terrified of the toilet. So now, I have her repeat this little phrase after me, "No fear here! I can go potty wherever I want!" She gets excited and I believe it is building confidence in her. In no time she will be an official big girl on the "flushie potty!" But until then we will keep working on it!
I would post a pic of her first #2 potty experience but I figure you get the picture. And yes, before you ask... I DID take a picture and text it to my Husband. I was SO happy! It's the little and sometimes smelly things in life....