Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's the smelly things....

As of the 3rd week of February, Jenna is now officially potty trained! Well, sorta. She is still in a diaper at night and naptime. And although she would be fine without it, I don't want to clean up wet sheets in the middle of the night so she still wears it. But I am SO proud of her! She really does a FANTASTIC job!

Right before she turned 2, I had her pretty much potty trained, but because she wouldn't go in a big potty I put her back in a diaper for what I thought would be a week before we would start again. Much to my dismay, she totally lost interest after that and it has taken us this long to start again. Although, I think she's still ahead of the curve because I think most kids start closer to 3. I am just SO proud!!!

She does have a challenge that is taking some WORK to get through...  As of the current stage in her life - Jenna HATES "flushie potty's!"  Every time I take her into the restroom to go she starts screaming and shaking saying that the potty is going to get her. So this is something that we are working through on a week to week basis. I don't want to freak her out and her not want to potty on the toilet any more. But I don't want to be giving in to this if is just her way to get extra attention. I really do think that she genuinely is terrified of the toilet. So now, I have her repeat this little phrase after me, "No fear here! I can go potty wherever I want!" She gets excited and I believe it is building confidence in her. In no time she will be an official big girl on the "flushie potty!" But until then we will keep working on it!
I would post a pic of her first #2 potty experience but I figure you get the picture. And yes, before you ask... I DID take a picture and text it to my Husband. I was SO happy! It's the little and sometimes smelly things in life....


  1. Well done Jenna! :) I totally understand 'mother's pride' :) I skipped the 'little' potty training and we went straight on the ''flushie potty'' as you call it, just cos I thought she might get used to it too much and then make fuss later to go onto the flushie potty...she's now even waving to her 'No2' as we flush it-it's hillarious! :) xxxx to ur 2 mega sweet girlies :)