Sunday, July 18, 2010

More birthday FuN!!!

For the last 2 years, during Jenna's birthday week there is also a carnival that comes to the Ridgemar mall. It's not a super great carnival, and honestly I am not a huge carnival fan. But it was something to do that would continue the excitement of her birthday and be good entertainment for the family! So off to the carnival we went....

We had a great time! Although, because we went in July in TEXAS... well, the pictures will tell you. It's not pretty!

But a good time was had by all and that is what matters!

Jenna and her Prince Charming

Enjoying the carousel

Jenna riding the tea cups with her Daddy...

I love our family, I love my in-laws, and my adorable niece and nephew. God is so good!


Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!!

This year the fourth landed on a Sunday! It was really the perfect day of the week for us, because JD always has Sunday's off. A few weeks before the fourth I picked up the girls matching red, white, and blue dresses at Children's Place. But waited until the Saturday before the 4th to make their matching bows. It all turned out really cute! I LOVE having the girls in matching outfits!!! So Sunday morning we went to church, then the church hosted a Bar-B-Q lunch after the morning service in celebration of paying off debt.

It was a great afternoon, although, INCREDIBLY HOT!!! After church we headed home for some naps, then off to Burleson to watch the fireworks with the family! It actually turned out to be even better than it had in the past. The Burleson Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a free family event with blow up slides and jumphouses, a free train ride and even free water! The kids had a blast!! And it was especially good because the show took SO LONG to start! Now kudos to the SDA church, but the City of Burleson fireworks show left much to be desired. It was mediocre to say the least. But the kids liked it so that is all that mattered!

 Jenna knocked out after church!

Bella found the picnic blanket to be the perfect spot to eat and nap!

 Natalie and Jenna sipping Capri Suns..

Natalie, Jenna, Andrew, and Kyrie

Emma, Lacie, and Ethan

Grammy and Papa

Our first 4th as a family of four!