Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And Jenna saves the day...or the dog...same difference!

The cutest thing happened this morning.....

So in our bedroom we have a sliding door to the back yard. Usually every morning I open all the blinds so we can have wonderful daylight...helps with the whole energy thing.

I was in our room making the bed and had the door open so Jenna could go in and out. Well, Joey (the dog) has a rival dog "Peanut" (the neighbors mini-dachshund), and every time Peanut comes out, him and Joey have a barking match at the fence. This has been happening for the 2 years we've been here and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I usually just let him bark, after he's done he's pretty wiped out and comes inside to sleep the day away. I figure in this situation...I win.

Well, not today......

Today, while Jenna is playing by the door, Peanut comes out and Joey sees him (it's really quite dramatic...let's imagine background music...dum...dum...dum...).

Joey of course bolts out of the house and runs to the fence to start his super loud and vicious (for a chihuahua) barking. Jenna (who has not witnessed such behavior) is in shock and gets so upset. She literally runs (1st time I've seen her go that fast) to the fence to try to save her dog! I see her, grab my flip flops, and head after her. When I get there she is already hitting the fence (trying to hit Peanut) and yelling quite hysterically at the dogs. I told Jenna to come here, and she turns to me with tears in her eyes, so upset that Joey is getting hurt (so she thinks). I grab Joey and we head inside...she hugged him and was so relieved that he was okay!

The look on her face once we were inside and Joey was safe and sound was priceless! It was the cutest thing ever...she felt so accomplished! However, it wiped her out too! She went down for a nap within 5 minutes of coming inside and that was 2 hours ago! What a trooper!!!

Jenna saves the dog!!!



Where is that wonderful 2nd trimester energy? I mean c'mon if anyone needs it it's me, right? I mean, my house is in need of a deep cleaning, my laundry is in need of hangers, and I have a 13 month old! So where is it?

I am sitting here on my big comfy chair, wasting a perfectly wonderful opportunity to clean while Jenna is napping, and where is my energy?

I am just saying..... lately it seems as if after NOON I feel wiped out! This is just not gonna do. I have to change this and quick!

I feel like a silly cheerleader that wants to chant....
En-ner-gy! En-ner-gy! En-ner-gy!
(I know it only has one N, I am just demonstrating how it would sound.)

Maybe some vitamins....or some SUGAR!!! That's it...I'm going to make me some cupcakes...right now!