Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Where is that wonderful 2nd trimester energy? I mean c'mon if anyone needs it it's me, right? I mean, my house is in need of a deep cleaning, my laundry is in need of hangers, and I have a 13 month old! So where is it?

I am sitting here on my big comfy chair, wasting a perfectly wonderful opportunity to clean while Jenna is napping, and where is my energy?

I am just saying..... lately it seems as if after NOON I feel wiped out! This is just not gonna do. I have to change this and quick!

I feel like a silly cheerleader that wants to chant....
En-ner-gy! En-ner-gy! En-ner-gy!
(I know it only has one N, I am just demonstrating how it would sound.)

Maybe some vitamins....or some SUGAR!!! That's it...I'm going to make me some cupcakes...right now!


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