Monday, August 31, 2009

Drano gender test....

Has anyone else ever heard of this? So... the nursery supervisor at my church told me yesterday at church to do a Drano gender test to determine the sex of the baby. She said that she doesn't know anyone it has failed on! So of course when I heard that I decided.....heck yeah!

So today I went to Lowe's to get the Drano (crystals) to start the process.

But here's the deal....
She told me that you put about the same amount of Drano as you do "pee" and of course do it outside bc the smell could knock you out...not to mention it causes a pretty big chemical reaction that isn't safe inside. You get a medium to large glass and put a little Drano (crystals) in it and then you pee in a seperate cup and pour it in. Once the mixture bubbles up and settles, then the sex it determined by the remaining color!

Ok, so I know you probably think it's disgusting (and it is and also smells HORRID)...but I did it!
Before I did it I kinda forgot which color she said was for I checked it out online.
And to my surprise it's actually pretty popular (they say between 89-97% accurate, but also an old wives tale) ....however, the colors that all the different sources online said about gender is not the same as what she said (I asked her again)!

So here I have a bunch of different sources and now "WHO IS RIGHT?"

So here's my theory...since it's been a while since she did it last (4 yrs)...maybe she got the colors confused....OR I am just as much in the dark now as before!

I know want to know what the test said....RIGHT?!?

Well...according to my 5-6 different online sources, if the mixture turns dark and muggy then it's a boy and if it stays clear or lighter then it's a girl.

So "according to my sources" we are having a BOY! Which would be really exciting....but I am not getting my hopes up. Because if my friend is right then the same color means its a girl! Also exciting.....

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! What do you think?

Either way...I will get my sono in about 3 weeks or we'll know for sure then


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  1. That's hilarious! I think you are having a..........human. That's all I've got.