Friday, August 28, 2009

To do or not to do.....

So I am sitting here writing out all the projects that need done in our house before this next baby arrives...and really preferably before the holidays arrive.

I have to move Jenna into her new room by the end of September which means re-painting, re-carpeting, new blinds, trim around windows, staining furniture, new outlets, etc.

Then I still need to finish putting up shelves in my master bathroom and finish out the decorating. (ok, I can live without the decorations, but not the shelves.)

Next, I have to get Jennas current room ready for the new baby, which means new carpet, re-painting, new outlets, new blind, etc.

Oh and lets not forget the BIGGEST of them all....that would be the kitchen remodel! Oh yes! All the cabinet doors have to be replaced, the current cabinets sanded down and re-stained, new sink, new countertops, new backsplash, new venthood, fix the stove, new lighting, taking out the hanging cabinets oh and yes, PAINTING!

Now of course I am going to hire out the kitchen re-model. But just having my kitchen taken away for a week or two is not cool and I have to get this done before I have a new born! I mean, I am going to be working hard as it is keeping the dust and stuff away from Jenna! Then there's the question of food...I mean, I don't want to eat out solid for 1-2 weeks! Especially bc it's just tiring! But I know it has to be complaining about it is just a waste.

You might be asking why we are doing all this remodeling?

Well, let me take a chance to explain....
The house we live in was originally a rent house we had, and of course we had tenants. The house was originally only supposed to be ours for about 6 months and the people we had in it were in contract to buy it from us. However, they fell behind on their pymts and the rest is history. They are no longer here, and well, we are. The only reason we are is because when I saw the house (I was in my early stages of pregnancy with Jenna & didn't know it) I decided to "flip this house!" (total hormones)

Anyways, so here we are remodeling! And in a few years when it's done and we have decided exactly where we want to build or re-locate to (probably Mansfield or Midlothian area) we will sell. But until that it's remodel time!!! We have already remodeled both bathrooms and most of the living room. So things are looking up....

But here's the whole reason for this blog....
So we haven't had a "vacation" since our 1 year anniversary in 2006. I mean that's 3 years! We have had a few getaways, but no actual "vacation." Knowing that we will be having another baby, the possibility of us being able to take a vacation after that will be very slim. And it is MUCH needed. My husband works 50-55 hours a week. Except for Wednesdays and Sundays, my husband doesn't even get home until about 8:45p.m. (on a good day)
I mean, we are so blessed to be able to have our own business, and God has done amazing things with it. But some alone time with my husband would be marvelous!

So here's the we vacation or get all the remodeling done? Now the perfect thing would be to have my kitchen remodeled while we are on vacation, but do we dare?

Tough choice....because where we really want to vacation is Atlantis in the Bahamas!
We went there for our 1 year anniversary and the place is amazing!!!
(check it out at
I talk about a luxury vacation...that place is immaculate!

Then there's the tough part of leaving my little girl here without us...ahh! I have never left her overnight...but I figure between my sister and having JD's parents stay here at the house we could manage.

I'll let you know what we decide....just thought I'd share what's been going on in my head today!


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  1. Here's my two cents: If you can afford to do both and pay cash (no debt) for them, I say do both! I would kill for a vacation!