Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boy or Girl....which one do I REALLY want?

So being pregnant yet again I get this questions a lot... "So do you want a boy this time?"
And honestly the answer is.... "Do I?" Yes I know my answer is another question, but that's just it, I DON'T KNOW!

Here is how I see it.....
It doesn't really matter what I want, because it won't change what is already inside me. My baby already has a gender, and praying for something won't change the gender this child already is. And for that matter...I would be praying something different every day! That's called pregnancy hormones people!

You Moms can probably relate to this, but when I was pregnant with Jenna I REALLY wanted a girl. But in order to save myself from being let down I convinced myself it was a boy. But this time around, I honestly don't care!

So I compiled a list of Pro's and Con's for either...don't judge know you did it too, I am just brave enough to admit it.

For a GIRL!
1. Super cute & girly
2. Great playmate for Jenna
3. I have a girl, I am a girl, I know how they work!
4. I can re-use all of Jennas stuff and hardly have anything to buy!
5. My sister and I are only 17 months apart and grew up extremely close and are best friends to this day...I wish that for my kiddos!
6. Pink, pink, and MORE pink!!!
7. Dolls, barbies, ballet classes, & dress up!!!
1. 2 girls....ahhh! Am I ready for all this personality?
2. How will I keep all their stuff seperated...or will I?
3. Girl competition...I mean being this close together might mean they would end up liking the same boy!
For a BOY!
1. I don't have a boy...this could be really cool!
2. J.D. would have a little man to teach, train, and get his sports coaching skills out on!
3. I would get to register for all new stuff! Since I didn't register for ANYTHING gender neutral when Jenna was born....ehh...God will provide!
4. I could have a Momma's boy! Not in the wimpy the sweet, cuddly way!
5. Sports, sports, and MORE sports...I love sports...and Jenna could be his cheerleader!
6. Blue, green, trucks, balls, cars, and whatever else boys like to play with!
7. I will have a little man to dress, cut his hair, and style cool hats on!
1. Boys have a lot of energy....and we don't have a big back yard...what am I going to do to help him release all that energy?
2. I will have to get all new stuff...I have NOTHING for boys!
3. Ummm... I will have to be ULTRA careful changing his diaper...I have had suprises from my nephew....they're not pretty!
Now I know that there are tons more Pro's than I have written down for both girls and boys. And actually, even the "con's" are pro's. Because with each challenge comes the opportunity to grow as a person and as a parent! I am so excited to be having a 2nd baby, and I will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl! I have a wonderful husband who will help me and a wonderful little girl who will be a terrific big sister!
I know that God has always and will always provide! I am looking forward to the challenge and opportunity of a new little baby to raise in a Godly home. And even though it's still years away, I am looking forward to homeschooling my little angels!

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