Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project Simplify

One of my biggest and most time consuming goals I put in place for 2012 was what I call, "Project Simplify." Basically, it's just removing the clutter and the hindrances clutter creates. Over the almost 7 years we've been married, we have accumulated stuff from just being together, from our kids and all the stuff/toys they have, from my Mom when she passed, from JD's Mom and from my Grandmothers/Grandfather's that have all passed as well.

Growing up my Mom never allowed us to have clutter, she was a stickler in cleanliness and order. My sister picked this up well and has never kept clutter and has absolutely NO clutter in her house. However, I completely take after my Dad in so many areas, I tend to keep things I think I'll use but in reality never do. So this project for me is a very large task! We started with a garage storage unit we've had at the apartment complex we lived at when we first got married for the last 6 years. It was full... packed with stuff! We rented a u-haul and filled it with stuff that was to sell or the few items we needed and the rest got thrown away!

We had a very successful 3-day garage sale getting rid of all of our big items and almost all of the small ones too. The rest will be donated on Tuesday.

Next up was to organize the girls rooms. We will soon be moving the girls into one room, so this came at a great time! I organized 5 boxes of toys, each day the girls will use a different box of their toys. It will create an excitement and they will actually play with all the toys they have! The only toys I didn't box up was their dress up box, play kitchen accessories, books and doll strollers with a few dolls.

I am very excited about getting my room and laundry room done this week, and to finish out the garage.

Then the real challenge... maintaining a clutter free existence! I can do it!

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