Friday, May 1, 2009

POOPY Diaper = Victory!!!!

Oh yes..... I am serious! I literally jumped UP and down when my daughter made such a bIg poopy diaper that it ESCAPED the confines of her "Huggies" diaper and ended up soaking her pants AND my outfit!

You might think this is sTrAnGe! Do you? Well let me EXplain myself......
For the last month or so my daughter's POOP has been VERY hard (she crys when she makes a stinky diaper) I have tried everything to get it back to normal (normal for a 9 month old), but nothing seems to have worked. So I decided to GET AGGRESSIVE about it and get me a nasty poopy diaper!

Here's what I did: I have loaded her up on prunes...yes prunes (baby food)! Of course that it the ultimate baby laxative so it's no secret...but I had to use a combination of a bunch of stuff to master this....prunes, pear juice, LOTs of water, AND sensitive formula (from Similac of course)!

And the result was AWESOME!!!! I would post a picture, but that would be gross....
Ahhh...the things I get excited about now days! Mommyhood is wonderful!!!


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