Thursday, June 4, 2009

Future Pianist....

I've been trying to get Jenna interested in the piano...I know this might be premature (since she's only 10 months old) but I want her to have a love for music so that I don't have to force her to take piano and voice lessons.

When I was young I took piano lessons and once it got hard I decided that I didn't want to do it anymore (horrible mistake), however, I was young and completely incapable of making (big) decisions like that.

I can play chords and read (music) some, but it's somewhat difficult and I am kinda stuck at the level that I left off (which isn't great). I would love to be able to play better, so I have started to teach myself again (not making much progress)!
Also, my Mother REALLY wanted us to take voice lessons, but I was too embarrassed to try (I was 10!)! Needless to say, I REALLY wish my Mom would have MADE me take them, I would love to have had professional lessons!
So ALL that to say this......
We spend our day singing around that house, and anytime Jenna even so much as POINTS to the piano I go open it up and sit down so that she can play!
So yesterday, Jenna was crawling all over the house and went straight for the PIANO!!!!!!
She climbed up on it and was trying to play the keys!!!!!
Of course I got pictures!

This was her once I opened the top and she was playing as much as she could!


So little Pianist!


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  1. I love it! I was just talking to Eric about how I am always going to let Piper bang on the piano as much as she wants!