Monday, February 8, 2010

False alarm!!!

WOW! I am in awe of women who decide to do birth all natural. Me thanks! The epidural is what I would consider a close friend of mine, and pain meds? Well, I used to be against them, but after Saturday...I will say I love them too!

It all started Saturday....

(Actually it didn't, it all started sometime in May, but that's besides the point.)

For the last 2 weeks I have been having very annoying nausea which has caused me to throw up on occasion. And the nearer I get to my due date it seems to get more frequent. I will say, I have a horrible habit of overdoing myself and signing up for more than I should.

SO back to Saturday. In the morning I was feeling nauseous, but was nothing new. So I threw big happens to pregnant women right? I don't tend to make a big deal about me not feeling good, mostly because I don't have time for it and I find it terribly inconvenient.

So JD headed off to work for the day and Jenna and me were hanging out at home. JD was overcoming a few things and asked me to come pick him up at work. I wasn't feeling too swell, but I loaded up the car and me and Jenna took off to our Midlothian store. Once we returned home that was about all I could do to stay standing. JD was overcoming and I didn't want to tell him I wasn't feeling good, so I let him rest and sleep for a few hours while I took care of Jenna and played with her. Although, around 3 or so it got bad and I woke him up and told him I needed about a 30 minute break. I didn't really want him too close to her while he was getting over the junk so he called his Mom to come play with her while we rested. Which she of course came right over...I know.....I have a great MIL!

To make an already long story a little shorter...JD decided he had had enough of the junk trying to jump on him and he put the Word on it and it left within about 1 hour (that's what we Word people questions? ask me).

I was propped up in bed trying to get comfortable. At this point I couldn't keep anything down. Everything I had eaten, everything I drank, even the anti-nausea medicine I all came up! Every last bit...

I was miserable, I started having very hard contractions around the 4 o'clock hour and was just praying through them. Honestly I don't even remember them being that painful when I was in labor with Jenna. But I guess all the throwing up had put a lot of stress on my stomach. They started out spaced about 10-15 min, then all the way down to 4-5 before I called the Dr. I really didn't want to go in, but she said I needed to.

So we loaded up, left Jenna with Mimi, Popo, and Aunt Amy, and headed to the hospital.

We were admitted right away and within about 30 minutes I was hooked up to my IV and they were in the process of running the tests.

All in all the result was dehydration. They told me it wasn't something to take lightly and it was a very severe case so they were going to keep me overnight and load me up on fluids.

They gave me meds to keep me from throwing up and some pains meds to help me sleep. Which would have worked had I not been totally freaked out by the screaming lady giving birth down the hall. I seriously thought someone was dying!

We were released Sunday morning and spent the day resting.

Bella should be making her appearance no earlier than Monday the 15th. But hey, she could decide to come earlier! Although, my to-do list is so extensive I can't schedule her in before then...

I am so thankful for my husband....I really am so so BLESSED!!! I was in so much pain throughout the ordeal (before the meds) that I know I didn't always use the nicest tone, and I am thankful that he is understanding and patient.

More of Miss Bella Reese to come......


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