Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introducing...Miss Bella Reese Diaz!

We are SO PROUD to announce the birth of our newest Angel, Bella Reese Diaz.

Her arrival into the world was quite amazing.....

On Thursday, February 11th, Fort Worth experienced the biggest snow storm we've ever had. I don't know the exact total, but I know we ended up with around 9 inches of snow! That morning I had my final Doctor's appointment and my Doctor said I was dilated to a 2. I thought, "No biggie, you can stay at a 2 for weeks! I'll for sure make it until Sunday." (Sunday I was scheduled to be induced.)

So I go on about my day.....

JD stayed home due to the snow and we had a great family day. We played with Jenna in the snow, cleaned the house, I even sent JD grocery shopping (I could do a whole other post on that)! I had my whole weekend planned out to get us ready for our new bundle. I had all of Jenna's outfits layed out for the next week. I had the meals planned, I even had a few things packed in a bag for the hospital (although I wasn't doing too much, bc I was sure I'd make it until Sunday). I was in the middle of doing all my lessons for Children's church for the next few weeks. I was keeping the file open(not a good idea) on the computer to add to it and sit down and work on it as time permitted. I went around town trying to find a salon open to get my nails done, but everyone was closed. You would think I would stay in, but having JD home all day is a rare opportunity, so I was taking FULL advantage of it! Plus, we live SO close to everything! I'm pretty much within 5 minutes of anything and everything I need.

So JD headed off to the grocery store around 4-ish and returned home with everything on my list around 6. We're talking groceries for 2 weeks, plus I had anticipated JD's grandparents coming to stay with us for a week so I added some extra. Within 5-10 minutes of JD getting home and getting all the groceries inside(not unpacked, just in), our electricity flickers and then goes completely out! We grabbed Jenna quickly, of course us modern day folks we grabbed our cell phones for light! We found 2 flashlights in the house and I made my way to the file cabinet to get the number to call for an outage. In my mind I am thinking..."Hey, if I harass the outage line maybe they'll get us turned on pretty quick!" That is embarressingly (is that a word?) the most blonde (no offense) thing I have ever thought. I mean, under the weather circumstances, it was not at all suprising! Although, not any less annoying.

So, I unpacked most of the groceries (the frige items) by flashlight and we jumped in the car and decided that we would go out for dinner and if the electricity wasn't on by the time we came home then we would have to go to a hotel. (I don't do cold, I don't do no light/heat, and most importantly...we have a 19 month old who I don't expect to deal with it either.)

Needless to say, we went for a drive and realized that it was a much bigger situation then we had figured. No one within blocks had electricity and it didn't look like anyone was going to get it soon. Then on top of that, every restaurant was closed! We turned back home and decided to throw a few things in the car to head to a hotel.

JD put the pack n' play in while I ran around the house with a flashlight throwing an outfit for each of us in a bag, some necessities, and of course.....snacks!!! JD commenced ta' puttin' (shout out Cleburnites!) all the meat in a trash bag to bury in the snow in the backyard (don't laugh, you're just sad you didn't think of it too...if you had all your meat would still be good). While I grabbed the diaper bag for Jenna and then we headed to the hotel. I wasn't taking too much because I figured we'd be coming home in the morning.

We took off and found that Wingstop was open...woohoo!! And a brand new hotel had opened on Bryant Irvin behind it (I love new, it usually means clean). So we got into the Courtyard Marriott with our Wings in hand. Thank God we got there when we did because all of the close hotels were filling up! The parking lot was packed and JD had to park in handicapped parking because there were no other spaces available (we were thankful later).

Although there were no king beds available, we settled for 2 queens and made a fun family night of it!

I wasn't feeling too well so JD and Jenna played and ran around the hotel room until she was sleepy. Then we put her to sleep and got into bed.

It was around 11p.m. when JD and I finally started to go to sleep and I was just SO uncomfortable. I was having back pain and it just seemed like it wouldn't let up. It wasn't too bad, just aggrivating. Plus, I was in a bed that was WAY smaller than I was used to and it was so hard to get comfortable. JD quickly dozed off and I spent the next 5 hours tossing and turning. Although, trying to do so quietly as to not wake Jenna up who was in the same room.

I think I saw every hour, but by 4:30am I was wide awake, there was no sleep happening for me. I was so delirious because I hadn't slept hardly at all the previous night and I could hardly think about what was happening. My lower back was throbbing, I mean excruciating pain! I was praying like no other. I mean, while trying not to wake up Jenna or JD. I starting timing when these pains were happening around 6-ish because I knew something wasn't right. But I was too sleepy to process it. By that time they were coming at consistent intervals and would make me jump out of bed. I was on my hands and knees in bed praying for relief. I ended up waking JD just to help me. Everytime they would come I would have him rub my lower back with as much force as he could!

By 7:30 I couldn't take it. I told JD I was going to get a hot shower to get some relief. Well, that didn't work. I couldn't even get in, JD came in the bathroom because he could hear my crying from the bed and he knew something was wrong. I couldn't even tell if I was contracting when this pain would happen because it was so intense. I was so sleepy I didn't know what was going on. Finally I decided to call the Doctor because I needed something, some type of help (I was thinking pain meds!).

My doctor was in surgery (I later found out) and I wasn't getting a call back. So I figured I would just wait. As my previous post, I didn't want to go to the hospital just to be sent home.

But as each contraction would come I couldn't take it...I had to go!

It was after 8 at this point. And the contractions were coming every 3 minutes. Jenna was still asleep and I was to the point where I couldn't stand up, and every time a contraction would come I would end up on my hands and knees quietly screaming (I am not a wimp...I promise).

Now I have given birth before, I have had regular contractions. I have had contractions after my water was broken with Jenna. Those contractions had nothing on these. It's called "back labor" and I hadn't known about this. It's the most ungodly thing I have ever experienced. I think the reason it was so bad was because of all the back problems I have dealt with since doing gymnastics and with every contraction it made every point in my back that I had ever hurt throb like it was a new injury.

Back to my long story.....

Anyways, I told JD we had to get to the hospital. I wasn't sure if it was labor, but whatever it was I needed help! So if you can picture this..... Here we are in a hotel room, with no real "suitcase," just a few bags with everything thrown in, a diaper bag, pack n' play, coats, shoes, etc. And I am unable to even move. As each contraction comes, JD has to run to my aid and forcefully rub my lower back. Which gives him less than 2 minutes in between to get Jenna changed and dressed, get him dressed, get my shoes on me, pack the room, the pack n' play, get everything on the cart and get us down to the lobby. Then get all of our stuff in the car and get us in. All while we are dealing with record breaking snow! And don't forget my contractions are still 2 minutes a part. Good times let me tell you......

We finally get in the car and I know we have at least a 20 minute ride to the hospital (without snow), plus we have to take Jenna to her Mimi's and get back to the HWY to get to Burleson. I don't remember too much of the ride, I was delirious with pain and my lack of sleep (serious lack of sleep). But I do remember yelling at JD... "Hurry up I need help, slow down it's icy, knock me out, knock me out!" That's just a sample of what some of our ride was like.... I love my husband....I felt so bad for him! I mean, while listening to me and I am sure he was trying to get me there asap. He was also trying to drive in the awful snow and rub my back every 2 minutes. I wasn't even trying to exercise any Fruit of the Spirit. I later repented..... and my husband forgave me!

So we finally get to the hospital (sometime between 9:30-10) and it's all we can do just to get in. I was contracting so bad I couldn't walk straight. I got to the nurses desk and was hanging on with tears streaming down my face. The nurse quickly grabbed me and took me to a room. She checked me and told me I was staying, I was dilated to a 4. I remember at that point a small sigh of relief, thinking.... "Ahh yes! EPIDURAL!!" Which is what I started begging for with every contraction..... I was really impressed with the nurses there. Although, I had about 3 of them and my husband in my face saying,"Find something to focus on and just breathe." Every time I would hear that I would say, "I will when you give me an epidural!" The next hour was awful (the time I had to wait for an epidural). It might not have been that long, but it felt like it.

So needless to say, everyone worked to get me an epidural as quick as possible. And I was SO THANKFUL!!! After that I was feeling pretty good....

About 11am my Doctor (who I have to say is really the best) came in and checked me and talked to me. Around 11:15 my water broke and I was well on my way.

JD's family and my family had arrived at this point and everyone was talking. However, I had some pain meds and was just relaxing and enjoying the relief!!!

Around 12:30 or so (I'm guessing) it felt like the epidural was wearing off because I could feel every contraction. Not like I was before, but I could still feel it. JD and his Mom had gone to the cafeteria to grab some lunch and my Dad, Jane, Beth and Amy were still in the room (I think, I know my Dad was there). My contractions were up and down like waves. I told Bethany to go get the Doctor, the baby was coming. She ran out and got the nurse and the nurse came in, checked me then said, "Let's have a baby!" Bethany or Amy (I don't remember who) ran to get JD while the nurse got everything ready for the baby to come. It wasn't but a few minutes. I asked where my Doctor was because I felt like I had to push. The nurse said she was coming. I asked the nurse if the baby was close and she said I still had time. But with one push I almost had the baby completely out. The nurse said stop...she ran to the door and started calling the Doctor to hurry! My doctor was the on-call Dr that weekend and there were 6 other births happening. Dr. Duran ran in the room and was saying, "Hold on give me just a few seconds..." She was rushing to get all her gear on then quickly sat down and said, "Ok I'm ready!" With 1 push Miss Bella came into the world as beautiful as ever! that point it didn't matter what pain I had experienced. I forgot about everything, Bella arrived and was the most beautiful child! It was definitely love at first sight!

She came into the world at 12:49p.m. Weighing 8lbs .09oz and 19 inches long. Absolutely beautiful with TONS of hair!!! Nothing can describe the love you have for your children. It makes me even more aware of the wonderful love our Father has on us, to sacrifice His ONLY Son for us. Wow.... it's amazing how much more real it is to you once you have your own children....God is GOOD!!


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  1. That is an incredible story! What a memory! I'm so glad that you and baby Bella are ok!