Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family weekend getaway!

The last weekend of July we had planned to go to Palacios to see JD's Grandparents and for him and his Papa to play in an annual gold tournament. We have done this every year (except 08) since we've been married and JD has been doing it every year since he was small.  It's a really special time with his Grandparents. The event is called the Shrimporee and it's a celebration of the blessing of the fleet as the shrimp boats go out.

So the day we were supposed to leave, JD's Papa had to go to the emergency room for some complications. We had already packed up and because we have 2 little ones it would be stressful for us to take the kids and try to keep them quiet the whole time. So we had decided that we would go to San Antonio instead and go to Sea World them travel to Palacios after that if his Papa was up to it.

We ended up having a really great time! We called some of our dearest and best friends, Rashad and Illa (who live in Austin) and we stopped by their house on the way to San Antonio (about 11p.m.).
They have a precious little girl (my niece) Cadence Amani Ronelle, but we call her Amani. She is the CUTEST! I love her so much! The girls had such fun playing with her!

After our visit (only about 30 min), we got on the road and finished our trip to San Antonio. We stayed at a hotel about 3 miles from Sea World that also had shuttle service (hallelujah) to Sea World!  But for some reason, Jenna NEVER went to sleep!! She stayed up the whole night, WIDE awake!!

We've learned to roll with the punches and it turned out fine and we had a great time at Sea World.

San Antonio is really hot in August, but I was so proud of our girls for being such troopers...

Bella, Me, Amani, Illa

Rashad and JD

Precious little "Amani"

No sleep, but ready to get this party started!

Sleep was inevitable...sweet girl!

After our brief stay in San Antonio it was on to Palacios! We had a wonderful time...


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