Monday, August 2, 2010

Jenna turns 2!!!

Wow! My big girls turned 2 on July 15th! I am amazed at how big she has gotten and how grown up she is now! She can count (a little), she knows her colors (most of them), she knows her shapes (really well), and most of her alphabet (not necessarily in order). She is so proud of herself! She LOVES to paint and color and be CrEaTiVe. She is just a wonderful little girl and such a joy to us!

For her birthday, we weren't going to do anything big because we had such a busy summer and were thinking we would also be moving around the same time so we thought just a small get together with some family would do. Then JD's grandparents decided they would come into town the weekend before her birthday to celebrate. So we decided to have a small party at my sisters house (since her house is roomy and she has a playground out in back). I went to the party store down the street and got some Elmo decorations, ordered a cake from Tom Thumb, and texted a few friends to invite them over. All just a few days before the party! It turned out to be a great success! Jenna and all the kids had a blast and Jenna especially enjoyed opening her gifts! :)

Here are a few pictures of the day.....

Tom Thumb did pretty good! 

Jenna and her girl cousins, Kyrie and Natalie

Playing in the sand with Andrew and Maddox 

Sliding all by herself! 

 Dadd swinging his little girl...


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