Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, JD!!

On Saturday, May 8th, JD celebrated his 32nd Birthday! We (I) had a nice birthday day planned out, but the whole day ended up changing, and it was so much fun!!
The Friday night before, I made a special grilled steak dinner with baked potatoes, etc.
I decided that I wanted to begin a tradition that the girls make JD a cake for his birthday. So I bought all the stuff and we began.

This is what I consider making a cake from scratch, I don't bake...

Jenna is a little baker in training

First layer....done!
Almost done...

Finishing touches...

All done!!!

Jenna and Daddy sharing cake!!

On Saturday, which was JD's actual birthday. We woke up and I cooked breakfast. Then Kody and the Freeze kids came over and hung out with JD and Jenna, while Amy, Bella and me went to a baby shower for a friend from church.

After the shower we went to Amy and Kody's because JD's mom was cooking JD a birthday dinner (Mmmmm...yummy Taco's!), then we went home for some quick naps. After nap time we loaded up and headed off to the Ranger game. We had a great time! Rangers won which was even better. We had great seats on the 3rd row from the front, on the 3rd base line.

During the game they had different segments where they would film the crowd dancing, etc. The first shot they got of us was when the crowd was supposed to sing s Texas song. It was of Jd and me holding the girls...cute! Then they got Jenna dancing 2 other times after that! It was fun, and she LOVED it!

Our little family of 4!

Miss Jenna in the hat we bought her and the shirt they gave us when we came in...
Little Miss Kyrie

Andrew (he was being funny, not wanting to look at the camera!)


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