Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm so sorry you're white....

I know that title sounds funny. But that is pretty much how I felt at the MAC counter yesterday.

So, being a mother means several things....endless work, endless rewards, no sleep, slobbered on food, poop on hands, poop on clothes, poop everywhere, etc.

To prove my point, yesterday I changed 6 diapers from 8-10AM. Yes, that is right. It's such a glamorous job.

Anyways, one of the highlights (total sarcasm) of my job is that I am progressively getting whiter as the days SLOWLY pass by. I bought some foundation not too long ago at MAC that matched my skin just fine. I am now halfway through the bottle and 2 shades too light for this make-up. It is a problem. My solution? No, not to go get tan enough to match my make-up, but to spend another $34(w/tax) on a new lighter shade of make-up.

So we go to the MAC counter and I tell them what I need. The lady looks at me with a sad look on her face, I guess most people that use MAC make-up don't let themselves get as white as I have. Here I am thinking, "I am an easy customer, I know what I want and this girl gets a great sale!" The girl, obviously not a saleswoman, gives me a plethora of options..... lay out, tanning membership, mystic, self tanner, lots of bronzer, etc. Then when I decline and say, it's okay, I'll just take the make-up. She looked at me like I was dying and said, "I'm sorry..."

I am guessing this is because when I asked to see a lighter shade, she replied saying that it was the lightest shade they carry.... I am not worried, I don't think it's possible for me to get any whiter than I currently am.

Maybe I'll get some sun time at some point....


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  1. You are so funny! I think you and your sister have a beautiful complexion! U 2 are VERY Blessed!