Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!
I love Mother's Day. I have celebrated 3 so far, my first was when I was pregnant with Jenna, then with Jenna last year, and now with 2 girls this year!!
As every year, this year we went to church. Then of course because we have little ones we came straight home for nap time. We picked up some Rosa's (delish!!) and had JD's family over to chill at the house for a little while.
It was nice and relaxing. Nearing the end of the visit, Jenna and Andrew were playing and somehow ended up having a collision which sent Jenna into a metal chair where she sliced her gums up all around the middle of her top tooth. Her little mouth was filled with blood which ended up ruining a brand new shirt I had spent lots of money on and her little shirt as well...nice. That night she woke up with her mouth filled with blood again. I felt so sorry for my little love. It's amazing how much it hurts your heart when your baby is in pain. I wish so bad I could take it all away instantly. We prayed over her and told her pain to leave, then she fell asleep on the rocker with JD and they took a small nap. I guess that is the fun of having little ones! Lots of stories to tell them later!
After nap time we went shopping and JD bought me a beautiful leather recliner! I had been asking him for a recliner and he did great! I have spent the week rocking and reclining with both my girls and that is the best! Especially because I could only hold 1 of them on the glider, so this is SO much better....keeps all the ladies of the Diaz household happy!!
After that we ended up at the mall and a few other stores. Then headed off to church.
All in all, a very eventful but Happy Mother's Day!
I am so blessed to be the Mother to my 2 wonderful girls!!!


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